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In this page, we will provide you with great educational videos that you will not know about from any other Catholic Podcaster.   American History Our Deep State Programs Where We Review Real American History By Dr. Antony Sutton Next, we will give you here our Operation Gladio, Doctrinal Warfare Program and our Vatican II […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee So, what U.S. Military Division was founded by Skull and Bones? The 10th Mountain Division. How it started, it all began with 2 ski instructors, Hannes Schneider and Sig Buchmayr.  Schneider was the creator of the Arlberg technique, Buchmayr was the teacher who came to teach […]

This will be our first of many programs leading up to the 70th Anniversary On The United States Declaring War On The Catholic Church On March 3rd 1953 when Heretic, CIA Agent John Courtney Murray Spoke At Catholic University Of America. We Will Introduce You To Catholic Association Foundation and who funds them. Their bio […]

Editor’s Note: For more on Fagan, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myron_Coureval_Fagan In the video above, Fagan traces the history of the Illuminati backed by the Rothschilds to the plan for the enslavement of all humanity in the service of Satan. It is a confirmation of his warning, that Mario Draghi, the Prime Minister of Italy, is himself a member […]

Watch On Rumble   Watch On Odysee   In Our First Program The Oxford Conspiracy Against America   Where we introduce you to the Grandfather Of This Whole Deep State, Secret Society Thing Going On, But what really got things in motion was the Father Of This, A Lecturer From Oxford, John Ruskin. He is […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Program On Odysee   Deep Events and the CIA’s Global Drug Connection by Professor Peter Dale Scott James Angleton’s Dangerous CIA Legacy  Click Book Cover To Get A Copy Of The Book On The Seal Of The CIA It states it is in the Public Domain and […]

Please WATCH and SHARE All Our Programs Support The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser Support Our Immediate Need For Equipment Support Our Server Upgrade    WATCH The Original Watch On Odysee   Listen On Mixcloud Watch On Bitchute Has the Finances Of The Vatican always been a mess or is this something new?  Their history is a dark one, […]

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