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So, what U.S. Military Division was founded by Skull and Bones?

The 10th Mountain Division. How it started, it all began with 2 ski instructors, Hannes Schneider and Sig Buchmayr.  Schneider was the creator of the Arlberg technique, Buchmayr was the teacher who came to teach it in America, especially to W. Averell Harriman, who bought land in Idaho and opened Sunny Valley Ski Lodge, where Hollywood Elites and fellow Bonesmen came to learn to ski.

It took another Bonesman, Charles Minot “Minny” Dole to write a letter to suggest America should have an Alpine Division, like the German Alpine troops, if Germany ever invaded America from the North. We will talk on who this letter went to and how it got to these important people.

Next, we will talk about some history of the Division and why it is stationed in New York. What Island is next to it and why they would want to be next to it, Deer Island.  Then talk about the Mansion on Fort Drum, and who built the island.

Then share my personal side with all of this & you can find the book I held up & get a copy.

Part Two To Come Later

In it, we will cover who are or were the Commanding Generals and where are they now. Do they or did they have any relations to the Officer School in Leavenworth that an infamous student named Parrott went to?

There was to be a coup by the Army, that Major General Smedley Butler was asked to lead by a group of secret Wall Street men, was this division led by their real bosses in Wall Street suppose to be the majority of this supposed coup?

What Is The Deep State’s Goals For Their Unit and Where Did This Unit Go?

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