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I must say it is a great big thank you to the great actor Gregory Peck who brought General Douglas MacArthur to life and drove me to want to be the best and why I wanted to go to West Point and nearly got in, except for 2 things: United States Post Office was late in delivery of the packet from West Point on what I needed to do; letters and essays to write and then my health went down hill in the fall and winter of 2007 and beyond to where I am home bound today.

When I see the citizen soldiers of the National Guard dancing in the streets or kneeling, it really burns my hide to see the uniform of the Army being disgraced like that and want to do what General MacArthur did time after time when his men underneath him did this, fire them and strip them of their leadership.

Here Is The Full Speech By The General

When I see the man in charge of the Department Of Defense go against the Commander In Chief and cause a mutiny and take away the ammo and rifles from the National Guard in DC who are there to protect the National Monuments, their fellow men and women in the Police, Secret Service, the citizens and the city, most of all the President and Vice President and the First & Second Families, he should be relieved of his command and if can be, court-martial!

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5

Massive Update From The General Douglas MacArthur Museum On Using The General’s Memoirs!

Click Image To Buy A Copy Of General MacArthur’s Memoirs!

Visit Their Website MacArthur Memorial

They Also Do Their Own Podcast, Please Take A Listen

Our First Program On General Douglas MacArthur will be his biography and my relation to him

1.  Who is General Douglas MacArthur and how did he become one of America’s greatest Generals in the Army?

2.  Can you tell me an audience about his father and his heroic service to the nation?

3. People in different countries and some even in America might want to know, what is West Point?

4.  Why did the MacArthurs move to the Philippines?


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