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Talking Points For All To See

There is this Political Action Committee Called ‘Catholic Vote‘ and from their name you would assume they are truly Catholic and take part in Christian Politics, but no.  Catholic Vote had it’s roots in another Political Action Committee Pact called Christian Coalition of America.  It’s founder is the founder and long time host of the Protestant TV Show Called The 700 Club, a former Southern Baptist Minister Marion GordonPatRobertson

He served as it’s President until 1997, he then selected Donald P. Hodel, Hodel was President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet Secretary; meaning he was there in the secret meetings with General Oliver North and the CIA on the Iran Contra Operation, CIA Drug Running, The Training and Giving Weapons To CIA Created Terrorists In South America and Mexico; at OMC Radio TV, covered this in CIA Drugs and Arkansas

Then, once the Catholic Side Of This Political Action Committee is growing in size and power, the Protestant Side goes to the way side and stops functioning in 2018.

This is what Christian Politics Is Not, It Does Not Cooperate with the Masonic Parties that has wrecked, spread immorality, spread the culture of death, spread what caused God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

It also Does Not Cooperate with the Rothschilds in creating Zionism or the Heresy of Christian Zionism.

So, What Is Christian Politics?

It is to truly restore Christ Kingship On Earth! If you look at the history of America, the real history & the numerous Saints and Blesseds within the Catholic Church who died bringing the Faith across our land, you read about the High Anglican and few Catholic Founding Fathers who gave us a Christian Form Of Government in the Articles Of Confederation, a government in which our Christian Patriots bled and died for.

It is to remove all corruption and everything that has wrecked our nation to this very day.  It is to defend the life of the unborn citizen in the womb, to outlaw abortion, contraception, to make sure to end that demonic gender confusion, gender mutilation, to defend the Children Of God from the Masonic and Demonic, Satanic Laws being pushed and created & to restore Christian ideals throughout our nation, throughout our every day life, at work, at school, in our government from the local, the state and the federal.

In short, Christian Politics does not cooperate with the agents of evil, it does not make deals with the devil to think that the devils behind the Masonic Parties will allow you to do practice Christian Politics, because the devils will use you and your Protestant or Catholic or Orthodox Brethren for their evil, so we must restore what we once had before the French Revolution and before the Masons took hold of our government & restore Christian Politics throughout our nation to rid our nation of this evil once and for all, and no other Political Action Committee of the Republican Party or Democrat Party or Independent will do this, because they have their founding in the Masonic Lodges on the East Coast, We At Catholic Party For America will restore Christian Politics back to our nation.

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