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The History Of Mass Surveillance In The United States

Written by on October 11, 2022

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Do you want to remain to be slaves to the system or do you want to break free and restore that Freedom Loving American Spirit?

Stew Peters had someone on to talk about this, but neither Stew or his guest said very much, but, I remember about these bad actors, all their evil agendas are in the Public Domain and in Movies we watch: Enemy Of The State and The Jason Bourne movies.

We will touch on when and where it all began

Project Shamrock from August 1945

Project Minaret Starting In 1962 By The NSA

We will touch on other ways we are Watched and Monitored

How Can The United Kingdom Government Monitor and Watch & Get Banned Accounts In America?

UKUS Agreement, a secret treaty since 1941 finally made public in 2011

How Can They Spy On Our Tablets, Chromebooks, Smart Phones? Magic Lantern Software

Blog Banner Image On Spying Is From Pixabay

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