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How Does America Defend Itself From The BIS?

Written by on September 22, 2022

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  1. What Goes On At The Secretive Meetings?
  2. What Is The Real History Of The Bank For International Settlements?
  3. Who Is Behind The New Recession?
  4. Who Is Montagu Norman & His Connection To The Bank For International Settlements?
  5. Meet The Club House Of The Bankers
  6. The Rape and Destruction Of Czechoslovakia
  7. How Any Country Can Be Erased Silently
  8. Why and Who Created The European Union?
  9. The Main Reason Why The European Union Was Founded
  10. Welcome To The New Europe
  11. The Rise Of The German Phoenix 
  12. Bankers Who Sent People To Their Death
  13.  The Desk Murderers
  14. The Rise Of The Tower Of Evil
  15. How The BIS Handled Numerous Economic Disasters At The Tower Of Evil
  16. The Rise Of The Second Tower
  17. America Fell To The Second Tower Of Evil
  18. The Creation Of The Real Eye Of Mordor
  19. The Power Of The Eye Of Mordor Grows
  20. The Citadel Of The BIS Begins To Crack
  21. The Citadel Cracks, But It Remains

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