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The Main Reason Why The European Union Was Founded

Written by on September 3, 2022

Here Is The Conclusion Of Part One: Why and Who Created The European Union?

It is here we will learn even more about the Marshall Plan to “Restore Europe” after the Second World War, but you will learn of men who had all the Nazi Big Brass Industrialists released from Prison & Restored To Them Their Wealth, Power, to help form what would become the 4th Reich.  Also, you will learn that this new European Union was only suppose to be the monetary collector of the funds of the Marshall Plan, but W. Averell Harriman and John J. McCloy, Eugene R. Black Sr and many others had other ideas; the Masonic Take Over Of All Europe & give you what you have today.

Stay Tune For Next Week, If You Live In The European Union, Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown. 

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