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Bankers Who Sent People To Their Death

Written by on September 8, 2022

In our next two part series, we focus on the German Bankers who were actual Desk Murderers.  Part One will be tomorrow and Part Two will be on Tuesday. In this first part we will learn about certain men who were bankers and what evil things they did.  Certain things said about them and the evil they did, are not for the faint of heart, parents, this video and the next one is not meant for kids.


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Please Watch Our First Eleven Programs On The Bank For International Settlements

  1. What Goes On At The Secretive Meetings?
  2. What Is The Real History Of The Bank For International Settlements?
  3. Who Is Behind The New Recession?
  4. Who Is Montagu Norman & His Connection To The Bank For International Settlements?
  5. Meet The Club House Of The Bankers
  6. The Rape and Destruction Of Czechoslovakia
  7. How Any Country Can Be Erased Silently
  8. Why and Who Created The European Union?
  9. The Main Reason Why The European Union Was Founded
  10. Welcome To The New Europe
  11. The Rise Of The German Phoenix 
  12. Bankers Who Sent People To Their Death
  13. The Desk Murderers

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