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The Rise Of The Tower Of Evil

Written by on September 13, 2022

We begin our next two part programs: Part One, we hear how the current Tower Of Basel was designed and what it looks like and why they chose it to be a tower. Part Two, we hear of the different situations the BIS had to handle numerous economic disasters under Jimmy Carter and what happened in Europe at the time.

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  1. What Goes On At The Secretive Meetings?
  2. What Is The Real History Of The Bank For International Settlements?
  3. Who Is Behind The New Recession?
  4. Who Is Montagu Norman & His Connection To The Bank For International Settlements?
  5. Meet The Club House Of The Bankers
  6. The Rape and Destruction Of Czechoslovakia
  7. How Any Country Can Be Erased Silently
  8. Why and Who Created The European Union?
  9. The Main Reason Why The European Union Was Founded
  10. Welcome To The New Europe
  11. The Rise Of The German Phoenix 
  12. Bankers Who Sent People To Their Death
  13.  The Desk Murderers

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Reader's opinions
  1. Robbi   On   September 15, 2022 at 8:47 pm

    Thank-you for your informative presentation of this book. Yet another piece of the puzzle contributing to the current sinister and diabolical schemes weaving misery, pain and danger through famine, disease and War around the world. Had an experience decades ago in a bank tower in our nearest city involving my son and his ‘Science Fair Project’ in the sixth grade. We developed an experiment involving a Video Camera as the UNPREDICTABLE stimulus presented to people just happening along while riding up and down the elevator in the Tower. It was necessary to develop a rudimentary measurement of behaviors assigned a numerical value and two people were measured to be instantly AGGRESSIVE AND ANGRY upon seeing my young boy with the camera as they entered the elevator. BANKS ARE NOT PLACES OF TRANSPARENCY and are NOT GOOD PLACES TO PRESENT ANY KIND OF UNPREDICTABLE STIMULI. When you ask about ‘Secrets’; it’s wise to know…Banks are places inundated with and operating in socio/Philanthropathic Predation. As you’re aware, human beings murder for far less than a single dollar and financial information is a commodity having MORE value in this world than money, itself, often. To this day, I thank God for protecting my son and I in that project as in naivete…I hadn’t considered the inherent danger we faced. Had someone been truly threatened we could have been seriously injured, disabled, murdered.

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