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Month: June 2020

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Listen To The Show Watch The Show A mystery that still has people asking questions about the death of General Patton and a mystery that still we in our family want to know the answers to, my grandfather, on my dad’s side, Tech Sargent Harold J. Baalman head mechanic in the 3rd Armor Division under […]

I must say it is a great big thank you to the great actor Gregory Peck who brought General Douglas MacArthur to life and drove me to want to be the best and why I wanted to go to West Point and nearly got in, except for 2 things: United States Post Office was late in delivery […]

What are revolutions? Are they dangerous? How destructiveness are revolutions? In this show we will go through the French Revolution, American Revolution and the October Revolution, and see how destructive and dangerous revolutions are.

Watch The Show A very interesting man and priest, many in the Traditional Catholic Circles recommend him and I am working through his huge and serious work, Windswept House, and I need to return to it and keep reading, even though some of it I had to put down due to how evil the parts of […]

I with Br. Alexis Bugnolo did a Zoom interview show on George Soros, please watch the show below. From Metro “Who Is George Soros? Everything You Need To Know About The Billionaire” From The Daily Wire by Aaron Bandler ‘9 Things You Need To Know About George Soros‘ From Breitbart ‘George Soros Groups Pushing Democrat […]

What is MK ULTRA? A real mind control program by the CIA that is still going on. Two Videos You Must Watch, Caution, very explicit content, not made for children. First One: Out Of Shadows The Second One, The Minds Of Men; this one goes with Out Of Shadows, but focuses totally on the program MK […]

Why does it seem like the Political Left is always connected to some form of Terrorism or Terrorist Group? It is our first show topic in our return to radio and find out the answers to these important questions.