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Watch The Program On YouTube Watch On Bitchute Listen On Mixcloud If you truly watch our shows and learn from them, you know that this current election and Presidential Candidates Are Controlled Opposition, Trump: Brown Brothers Harriman, Biden: JP Morgan.  Partners In Starting The Soviet Revolution and Selecting and Bringing To Power Adolf Hitler. We […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch On YouTube Watch On Bitchute Truth About The Two Parties System By John Adams Writings Of John Adams To Join The Party Adams Would Support, Click Image Link Below To Make A Donation To Ordo Militaris Radio TV: Address Your Check To Ordo Militaris Inc, In The Memo […]

Watch Today’s Program On YouTube Watch Today’s Program On Bitchute   Listen To Today’s Program On Mixcloud ARM Ombudsman documented video/photo evidence of crimes by the AZ AF against ARM POWs. The same terroristic signature was witnessed in April 2016 when ARM SVCMN Sloyan was beheaded & elderly residents were tortured & slaughtered in their […]

On Tuesday, we will tackle Platform Policies For Kansas In The Christian Party Of America

Watch Today’s Program On YouTube Watch Today’s Program On Bitchute Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Today we will look at the so called agreements between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the Cease Fire and if it is a true cease fire. Also, what is this Fletcher School that Artsakh is sending their political leaders to? […]

We continue the life of Robert E. Lee, this time at the start of the Civil War

Tuesday’s Program, we will get back onto Christian Politics.

On Saturday, we will be doing the show on Lepanto.

September 22nd, we will blow all the critics of the Catholic Party Of America away, by quoting from a book of Proceedings On Restoring The Christian Faith Of America Back Into The U.S. Constitution, From 1874.

Learn how Robert E. Lee goes from being an Engineer Officer, Leads West Point, Then Leaves To Become A Cavalry Officer and What Leads Up To The Civil War.