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Help Ukraine

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Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Massive Update Kremlin praises US for its response to fall of missile in Polandhttps://t.co/MEEg5q1mWC pic.twitter.com/os4WBkq3mX — Ukrainska Pravda in English (@pravda_eng) November 16, 2022 Now, why would the Kremlin Praise The US On How It Responded, Unless, It Was Truly Another Side Of Russian Propaganda That […]

We seek out the poorest of the poor, who are being forgotten in the enormity of the present conflict in Ukraine! — Please consider helping the #Christians of #Ukraine this #Christmas!https://t.co/MrBM3UnQ4X — Cross Azure – КРОСС АЗУР (@CrossAzureUKR) November 14, 2022 Click Image To Help Cross Azure Hits: 90

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It is nearing the Holidays, on November 15, Advent begins in Ukraine and so many homes, families, churches have nothing and are in ruin. Where our guys go with the liberating force to bring in the supplies for the towns, horrors not seen since the 2nd World War of gold teeth in boxes, implements of […]