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The Rothschild War Crime Of The Armenian Genocide & Control Of Modern Turkey

Written by on October 3, 2022

Part One: Exposing The Rothschild Family


Part ThreeThe Rothschild War Crime Of The Armenian Genocide & Control Of Modern Turkey

Part FourWe Finally Dig Into How Much Of The European Union Government Is Controlled By The Rothschilds

Watch The Original

Watch On Odysee

Watch On Rumble

Both Talaat Pasha and Mustafa Kemet Ataturk was born in Adrianople and went to Alliance Israelite School

Update, We Were Right!!!


There is no way a Turk would be allowed to study at a Rothschild Controlled School, unless they were Selanik Donmeh and the Turks themselves say Ataturk was Selanik Donmeh.

There Are Strong Connections Between Erdogan and the Rothschilds

Erdogan Is Jewish On His Mother’s Side, her maiden name is Mutlu and they came from Adjara Georgia, when the Red Army invaded in 1924, the Jewish fled Georgia for Istanbul

Grandes armes de la famille Rothschild by Mathieu CHAINE – Own work, some elements by SodacanKatepanomegasAdelbrechtHeralderMadboy74 and Nanin7 Graphic

License To Use Photo Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported


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  1. Riccardo   On   October 16, 2022 at 5:33 am

    Dear AJ and Brother Alexis,

    I’m glad to finally hear others joining the dots and talking about these important events of history, events that we must, for the glory of God, expose as part of our Roman Catholic love of the truth.

    Back in April 2019, I provided the following comment to accompany the link to this article posted on my Facebook profile (see link provided below my comment):

    “Actually, those responsible for this genocide, the “Young Turks”, were Donmeh. They were equally responsible for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, undermining it from within, as they always do.

    The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in WW1 ultimately lead to the creation of the state of Israel. Think about that.”


    In the comments below my post, I received the following from a pro-Israel ex-Facebook friend, ex because she blocked me after I started to post contrarian evidence in the early days of the scamdemic. I can only assume her wholesale swallowing of the “pandemic” narrative has now led to her being fully vaccinated. Such is the fate of those who support Israel.

    “Mary ********: It has nothing to do with the creation of Isreal……….🙄 I know you don’t like Isreal, but please.”

    To which I replied:

    “Riccardo *******: It had everything to do with the creation of Israel. If you follow the history, the real history and not the one we’ve been indoctrinated to accept, the Zionist movement was active from the late 1880s, working through its connections, particularly in British society and the parliament, to secure a homeland. There were many options floated, including Uganda and Madagascar, not just Palestine. Palestine at that time was under the Ottoman Empire. While the Donmeh were working to undermine the Sultanate, the Zionists in Britain, with the sponsorship of the Rothschilds, were working on the Brits. In the meantime, WW1 “conveniently” broke out, and by 1917, due to the German naval blockade with their vastly superior U-boats, and with French troops mutinying on the Western Front, Great Britain had all but lost the war. The Zionists guaranteed Britain, through their connections in the US and particularly Wall Street, US entry into the war on the side of the Entente. Remember, the US at that time was officially neutral, and the US public had no tolerance for war. In November 1917, the British Foreign Secretary issued The Balfour Declaration to Lord Rothschild promising Palestine to the Jewish people, as a reward for US entry into the war. As you know, that whole area became the “British Mandate”, ratified by the League of Nations, from 1920-48, until the creation of the state of Israel.”

    “Riccardo *******: Incidentally, Mary ********, all this is the source of the famous “stab in the back” spoken about in post-WW1 Germany that lead to “anti-Semitism” and ultimately the rise of Hitler and Nazism. Until then, nowhere had the Jews been more accepted and integrated anywhere on Earth than in Germany, and they felt betrayed by what I spoke about above. Remember, no enemy soldier set foot, and no hostile shot was fired, in Germany in WW1.”

    Keep up the good work.

    God bless.

  2. Riccardo   On   October 16, 2022 at 5:35 am

    Please excuse my negligence, I meant to also sign off with “Viva Cristo Rey!” and “Viva San Marco”. (P.S. I’m Venetian)

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