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The Catholic Connection To The Confederacy

Written by on June 12, 2020

People today, most of all the demoncrat liberals and others teach and believe the Confederacy was evil and the North or the Union was right in invading the South, but as it continues to be shown, the North was wrong and these constant lies being pushed  also still constantly divide us as a nation.

Other radio programs, TV programs have done about the Confederacy how it was not evil, but was in the right in defending itself from Northern Aggression, but not many have taught or gone over how the Confederacy was connected to Catholicism, and this will be our ninth show.

From TradCatKnight: The Catholic Church and the Confederate States Of America

From Church Militant: The Catholic Confederacy 

I would like to dive in deeper into this topic, any experts on Confederacy History and the letters of Blessed Pope Pius IX to President Jefferson Davis, contact us through the page and let us do a show on it.

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