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Christian Persecution

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We defend an Orthodox Christian and Hero Against Communism, who is still hated today, Admiral Alexander Kolchak. Please Watch, Listen and Share The Program.

On Friday, We will look at what is the Spirit Of The Anti-Christ and How To Defend Against It. Tune In.

We take you to Milan where Terror came to the Cathedral, we learn about Hezbollah, how France is losing it’s identity, a black man executes 5 Year old Cannon Hinnant who was riding his bike, and Soros Attacks Poland.

On Wednesday, we will speak about numerous Clergy coming out and supporting Pope Benedict XVI

On Tuesday we will do a show on Lebanon and why Lebanon needs saved.

Today, we will talk about the Events That Happened In Beirut Lebanon

Tune in Monday for our Terrorism Update and big breaking news from around the world.

Armenia needs help now that Turkey is sending their “Syrian Mercs” to join the fight with Azerbaijan and it is time to form a Subsidiary in Armenia to help them defend their land and renew that old alliance between the West and East!

We covered this today, on Monday. The bill in the Scottish Parliament where if passed, it will be illegal to quote the bible or the Catechism of the Catholic Church and how Scotland needs an Independent Christian Party.

Next Monday we have a lot to cover about more terrorism and vandalism around the world.