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Christian Persecution

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Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee So, what U.S. Military Division was founded by Skull and Bones? The 10th Mountain Division. How it started, it all began with 2 ski instructors, Hannes Schneider and Sig Buchmayr.  Schneider was the creator of the Arlberg technique, Buchmayr was the teacher who came to teach […]

In and around 2005, the Army Recruiters were coming around, we did the Asvab test, I did well, but I wanted to do it better, so I was able to take it again in a few months.  It was around this time, the school nurse was coming around every week; not for everyone, but for […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On YouTube Watch On Odysee By Clicking The Photo We will go through how Michael’s brother Marshall is connected to MK Ultra How is Marshall Born In Two Different Places Or, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Greene County, Ohio, USA during the Government Psyop Of UFOs. His mother, Anne […]

 Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee In this video, I read from two books full of intelligence information about how the Soviet Union began to infiltrate the West through an Operation called Trust and how it was the Godfather for all their infiltration operations, even those online with bots and those who […]

Michael Matt’s Great Grandfather who then became Lutheran and then converted to Catholicism. Do Catholics Really Worship the Virgin Mary? Marshall has admitted he is jewish too. While @PartyCatholic was founded by a descendant of John Quincy Adams and a relative of Martha Washington, who is a Catholic by birth, 2 years ago. Marshall ignored […]

Episode Two On Real Catholicism Watch The Original Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   This is a masonic attempt to exploit Christian achievements of the past, mix in a glorification of certain aspects of corruption in colonialism, weld it to a neo-fascist racism, to support the Alt-Right infiltration of Western Youth, […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Why Is Gordon a Jewish Last Name? What Does Grodno Belarus Have To Do With The War In The Ukraine? What about the other side of the family, The Abeyta Family? Any Famous South African Gordons?  Did anyone in the Gordon Family Study In South Africa? […]

In this program, as the Great Grandson of St. Olga Of Kyiv. I am going to hit the Traditional Catholics hard and without mercy, in the defense of my great grandmother and our wonderful people of Ukraine. Enough is Enough. Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   Some Real News Stories Russian […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee In the recent days, we have seen the true colors of those who call themselves “Traditional Catholics” They still support President Trump, when held a Pro Sodomy event at Mar-a-Lago. Their true colors of helping their fellow Christians have shown & it is demonic.  They will […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee we will talk about Putin’s Connection To Kentucky and how they control House Representative Thomas Massie, Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. Next,  we will also talk and expose who Oleg Deripaska is and his connection to the Rothschilds.   This image shows that #Massie is […]