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Christian Persecution

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Monday, September 14th, 2020 Our Weekly Update On Terrorism

Tune in tomorrow to hear our commentary about what is being taught in the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and the Hallowed Halls Of West Point

Next Monday’s Terrorism Update

Listen and Watch The Show, we will talk about the history of the gun, why you need to own one or two, how to properly purchase one and then get proper training to learn how to use it.

Senator Joseph McCarthy Was Right and Is A True Catholic Crusader Against Communism, Learn About Him On Thursday, September 10th

September 1st, will be our next new series to grow interest in a new Catholic Political Party.

August 31st, Our Weekly Show On Terrorism In America and Around The World.

Tune In Next Saturday For A Huge Movie Review and how it ties together with what is going on in Democrat Run Cities.

See what we are talking about this coming Monday.

This Wednesday, at 10:45 AM Central Time, Another Aid Appeal For Lebanon! Be Generous and Tune In!