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Christian Persecution

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We are coming back to a very popular video we have done, right before the war in Ukraine began, Exposing The Rothschilds  Part Three: THE ROTHSCHILD WAR CRIME OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE & CONTROL OF MODERN TURKEY Part Four: How The Tentacles Of The Rothschild Are Into Every Part Of The EU Watch The Original […]

Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee, Click The Image  We will uncover the real story of Rumble Joining Wall Street and it is not all sunshine and rainbows as Dan Bongino is saying it is on Twitter. We can prove that the Investment Firms that gave the capital to Rumble to help them join Wall […]

      Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee    Please Read The Real Truth Of Armenia’s Relations With Russia Learn About Armenia and Their Being Taken Hostage By Russia My Previous Videos For Armenia  Message To Armenians In The West Armenia Is In Need Of All Hands On Deck For It […]

Update I have regained my Twitter Account and Please Keep Sharing This, Because I know it will happen again. Last Night, I replied to this tweet that the traitor and his wife should be put to death, for selling sensitive medical information of our Special Operations Force, including those who work in secret, Delta Force, […]

Watch The Original Watch On Odysee Watch On Rumble Today, we tell you about The Saint Patrick Battalion who formed right off the boat from Ireland and was enlisted into the U.S. Army to fight against Mexico, but their Catholic Faith was more important and paid a great price for it. There Is A Movie, […]

Watch The Original   Watch On Odysee Watch On Rumble, Maybe   We will go through who the real Giorgia Meloni, after her Masonic Party won in Italy. If you want to know the who-who was at the 2021 Aspen Institute Forum with Giorgia Meloni, when she joined, click Welcoming Remarks: 2021 Aspen Security Forum […]

  I will go into greater detail than our two short videos, I’m so on fire right now after watching the documentary I linked down below. Part One: Armenia Is In Need Of All Hands On Deck Part Two: Time For A Restoration Of Armenia Please Read: Armenia Is A Hostage Of Russia and Definitely […]

Where Are The Christians & People Of Good Will At? We Can Not Sit Idly By and Let Armenia, The Most Ancient Christian Nation On Earth Be Genocided Into Non-Existence, Click The Banner & Donate Today! Please Watch All Our Programs On The Bank For International Settlements What Goes On At The Secretive Meetings? What […]

I will share what the current Political Party Ruling Armenia Thinks Of Armenia and It’s Christian Heritage and give my few cents as one of the last members of the Bagratuni Dynasty. Pashinyan’s Civil Contract MP Hovik Aghazaryan wants to turn #Armenia‘s democracy back the SSR days, he said: “An 18-year-old boy no longer belongs […]

  Please Be Generous and Click Image To Donate Please Read: Armenia Is A Hostage Of Russia & Definitely Not An Ally! Please Read This Letter To Armenians By ALAN NASIF   Hits: 492