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Jorge Bergoglio removed illegally Bishop Strickland and it is time for action to remove this man and his cohort from the Vatican by the only way possible, as my ancestor did to remove a similar man, the Council Of Sutri.

Here is Br. Alexis speaking on what is going on and how to support the new Sutri Initiative 

Sacking Of Strickland Is An Act Of Schism

The News On What Happened

Cardinal Muller’s Response

We also did the Error Of Pietism Show

We see how Ohio became another State to enshrine Abortion in their constitution, but what did the Pro Life movement do mostly, by just praying and that is how the Traditional Movement does their things to fight the errors in society is to fall back upon the Lutheran Heresy Of Pietism created by Philipp Spener.  In this program, we will explain the proper way a Catholic does something and it isn’t just praying, as St. James writes, “faith without works is dead.” As St. Benedict writes, “Ora et Labora: Pray and Work.”

By the CIA Doctrinal Warfare Program reprogramming Catholics to accept Lutheran Heresy, we see how they have created the sheep to not fight back and be under their control.



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Reader's opinions
  1. Catherine Walsh   On   November 13, 2023 at 4:42 pm

    EXCELLENT ANALYSIS!!!! THANK YOU!!! I always found Bp Strickland of being immasculated — lacking true manhood, sorry to say. Westen and all the rest are always trying to show how sweet they are. We don’t need sweet men. God bless you!!!!!

  2. Steve KNIGHT   On   November 20, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    Excellent show, one of the best I have viewed at OMC Radio TV; much appreciated, thanks.
    Your detailed critique of Pietism has “joined up many dots” as regards what I have sadly observed in many Catholic churches & cathedrals since my 2012 conversion from the Church of England.
    Let us pray sincerely for both Pope Francis and Bishop Strickland [and especially the latter…] – that they can return to the One True Faith by amending their lives, repenting of their manifest errors/sins, and becoming Church Militant ‘warriors’ for the Truth of Christ, confronting the infernal enemy rather than going along in lukewarm/milquetoast cowardice with the multitude of wicked lies, falsehoods, deceptions & distractions.
    Christus vincit; Christus regnat; Christus imperat.

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