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7 Steps Of Isolation By Br. Alexis

  1. Taking Up Your Time
  2. Providing Highly Specialized Information
  3. Targeting Your Personal Interests
  4. Offering You Esoteric Information Which Is Impossible To Share With Family and Friends
  5. The Promotion Of Addiction To Your Special Interests
  6. The Immediatiacy By Which It is To Become Addicted Than To Break Free
  7. The Confirmatory Propaganda To Tell You It Is Okay To Stay Hooked

Note Well: The Seven Steps Of Isolations, are the same seven steps to insert you into the Matrix.


Who is the creator of Social Media?
Andrew Weinreich

Where did he first work?

Eli E. Hertz Technology

How did he come up with the idea of social networking?
Stanley Milgram

Read his book and rent it for free online

Television and antisocial behavior: field experiments

Who is behind Flat Earth Theory?

Who Pushes It, Another Man with a Psychological Degree,
Flat Earth David Weiss

Now let us begin to talk on the dangers of Social Isolation


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