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We will go through how Michael’s brother Marshall is connected to MK Ultra

How is Marshall Born In Two Different Places

Or, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Greene County, Ohio, USA during the Government Psyop Of UFOs.

His mother, Anne Josephine Lydon was born in Manchester England, would have been 6 and 7 during the Blitz, there is no biographical information.

Meet Russell Clinton Voris

U.S. Air Force from 1950–1974, Met his wife to be in 1952 England, Married 1953, first son Marshall born in 1954.

Michael was born on August, 1961 in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, we will do more research.

Michael worked for Bader News Group, the boss is Nancy Bader, she is now the President Of The Bank Of The West in Loveland Colorado, which is owned by BNP Paribas out of Brazil and it is the bank that controls the funds of the Saint Galen Mafia and makes sure to follow the line, “Bergoglio is the Pope.”

Bader Media Group, “

He then is also President Of  Wayne Voris, he works with Wayne Voris.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Robbi   On   January 12, 2023 at 5:32 pm

    Been with CM for quite some bit of time; at least since the removal of Fr. James Altman two years past. He’s often critical about Bergoglio and has referred to him with very negative sin-based words. Bergoglio’s past homo-heresy, apostacy and Pachamama worship is well known to viewers as well as many of Bergoglio’s other pecedillos and shenanigans. One of the most uproarious facts reported pertained to Bergoglio’s handsome, well-built, tat-covered designer of Pontifical Accoutrements leaving his employ to pursue entrepreneurship with homosexual fantasy concerns. Voris often has a witty appreciation displaying a range of emoting responses when approaching the absurd and bizarre as reported which is logical among those often faced with and inundated with wickedness and filth.
    He and his organization openly do mandate Mass and Prayer among the employees throughout the day. Supporters do have access to the group’s Liturgy of the Hours Online, etc. Have no doubt there are connections among the Central Banker Cabal and seedy prelates as you outline as well as with less-reputable organizations and people of the laity. This is Earth, after all. All must co-exist with whatever God sees fit to place in our paths and at times, all provides opportunity for wise usage in any manner of ways as you’re fully aware.
    Within a very short period of time, nothing reported on the Nightly CM News was a shock…Just disgusting. It’s not difficult to imagine Mr. Voris as interesting or having a sinfully-spicy life. The biggest sinners are those generally making the biggest Saints and God most certainly uses sin and evil for His own good purposes.
    I REALLY ENJOY your reports and you’re also an excellent source for reading material. When the next steer is sold, I will try to put some back for the kitty to go to you faithful Catholic Gentlemen. Since they’re only sold to folks personally purchasing the meat…There isn’t a lot counted profit…But, we’ll see what we can do. Thank-You Br. Bugnolo and A.J.

  2. Edi   On   January 12, 2023 at 6:37 pm

    Seems like sodomites and the Sanckt Gallen Mafia has been interwoven with these Catholics online and their so called competing populat Catholic news media…
    Gary Michael Voris did mention ‘after’ his dad’s death his mother suffered from bipolar and it became worse when she was raped by her father-in-law after she left England for America and stayed at her husband’s parents with their new son Marshall. The childhood with a bipolar mother and a father too ashamed to do anything made it hard for Gary and his older brother, from Voris’ own testimony.. E. Michael Jones also brought up how it was revealed that Michael Voris was molested by his own father and the mother caught this. Simon Rafe is another strange sordid character that Michael Voris adores. I think more is behind Michael Voris and his connections with Opus Dei. Etc..
    Thank you for these important series!

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