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In this video, I read from two books full of intelligence information about how the Soviet Union began to infiltrate the West through an Operation called Trust and how it was the Godfather for all their infiltration operations, even those online with bots and those who spew Russian Propaganda.

This is a precursor to this program where we outed Trump and the GOP as Russian Assets 

Learn a little bit about Operation Trust in this article, which just shares how it began.

I ordered on Thriftbooks a very good copy of Deadly Illusions by John Costello and Oleg Tsarev, where it will share the documents John got to see.  Click To Get A Copy From Thriftbooks.

Or, you can rent and read the book online for free at Internet Archive 

Then we will read from Chapter 2: Intelligence Gap

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Reader's opinions
  1. Catherine   On   January 18, 2023 at 8:37 am

    Qanon is an Operation Trust for Americans. The formula is to sit back and eat popcorn while something mysterious is done behind the scenes to deal with the corrupt criminals (deep state) in power — classic wait and see (“trust the plan”). In reality the plan is to get patriots to sit on the couch and do nothing while the agents of satan continue to steal, kill and destroy. This is similar to the recognize and resist false movement in the Catholic Church — recognize the leadership is full of heretics and enemies of Christ and allow them to remain in power while resisting by not complying with some of their wicked and soul destroying edicts.

    As an added bonus Qanon and recognize and resist allows the enemy to identify some of their key opponents and to neutralize them via various strategies.

    Thank you AJ for more important insights into the enemy’s strategies and playbook. May God bless you abundantly.

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