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Episode Two On Real Catholicism

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The Religion of the Alt-Right

What Is The Alt-Right?

We will finish by asking how is Real Catholicism different than the fake version promoted by the Alt-Right “c”atholics?

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Reader's opinions
  1. Robbi   On   December 29, 2022 at 6:00 pm

    Completely disavow the dual ‘Leftist/Right’ explanation of the ‘Real Politic Systems’ inherent to western Republics. Fascist/Communist Govt. implemented by Authoritarian/Totalitarians Govt. is as two wings of the same bird. Factually, Marxism was a creation of academics of England following numerous efforts to RE-TAKE the United States having both the manpower and resources necessary for Empire Building since The Monarchy literally believed it had to colonize since such a small country and culture were doomed for extinction. This academic philosophy developed in Oxford and the Pilgrim Society paid Marx to write about it, as he did. Is anybody surprised that Socialism/Fascism/Communism operates as Monarchy and the King/Queen/Emperor is no different than a Dictator just as Congress, Parliament is no different than Aristocracy and Crooked Clerics governing the people they tax to death and CONTROL. Also, SLAVERY DID EXIST…It existed EVERYWHERE. Peasants, Serfs and Indentured Servants were SLAVES and subject to the will of a human lord. Indigenous peoples around the world were subject to other indigenous peoples and when not murdered, they were enslaved, too. To this day the Chinese Han consider themselves MASTERS over all other human tribes and they most certainly have enslaved all the peoples of east Asia at many given times. Anybody going for any of the current narratives after all the propaganda, rhetoric, red flags, sabotage and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY to achieve better CONTROL by the Psycho-Predators of all humanity regardless of colors, everybody must be done listening to this kind of B.S. The Psycho-Predator Philanthropaths are HERDING the poor and ignorant to western nations at TAXPAYER EXPENSE to DESTROY SOCIETY AS IT’S BEEN. In all reality, ‘The People’ were once FORCED TO WORSHIP Kings, Queens, Aristocracy and Crooked Clerics as “Divinely Appointed Reps. of God and there is no difference between worshipping Reps. of God or Humans and Govt.
    The whole situation is an old EVIL and the only real difference is the developed technology allowing absolute power as a possiblity. In the end, blood will be necessary to KEEP AND MAINTAIN OUR WAY OF LIFE, CONSTITUTION AND OUR REPUBLIC and POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

  2. Edi   On   December 29, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    A. J. Baalman and Brother Bugnolo, Can there be a report on the Black Nobility?
    I noticed there are many who speak of the middle ages old Aristocracy that is connected to the New World Satanic Order. Some state it’s a mixture of different races from Eygpt to Italy to England. Also, they link the Crusades and Papal States.
    I hope there can be clarity on how these Dynasty Families factor in on this Global Poisoning.
    God bless your important work!

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