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Also, I have a movie review to do for OMC Radio TV Movie Reviews, that concerns this man

Robert A. Lovett


This Goes With Our Current Programs

Architect Of The US War On The Catholic Church

60th Anniversary Of Vatican II: How Has The CIA Wrecked The Church



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Reader's opinions
  1. Robbi   On   April 25, 2023 at 6:30 pm

    Today, you’ve not only provided general information to better sketch the Spider’s Web of the Syndicate of Corruption in the U.S. over the last 120 or so years; you’ve also filled-in some blanks of my own family having some mysterious connections never resolved through my generation.
    Considering the fact of being a direct descendent of the Pilgrims as well as a sailor of the Mayflower and the Algonquin Native Americans…My story encompasses THE ENTIRE CHRONOLOGY OF HISTORY OF EUROPEAN COLONIZATION OF NORTH AMERICA.
    My Protestant Great-Grandfather owned an area bank and totally liquidated currency to gold and right before the Depression/Crash and held loans through the Depression years. It’s odd how this same Great-Grandfather also had a youngest brother working for the Nickle Plate Railroad System and both were always obsessed with schedules to get to New York for reasons my Grandmother was never certain about as a girl, but was very curious about. Suspicion was rampant among my Grandparents on the Catholic side of the family as my Catholic Great-Grandmother refused to speak about the family or what had happened between she and Grandfather to cause such a scandalous as divorce at that time.
    My Catholic Great-Grandmother went to the bank owned by her ex-husband and though there was enmity between them, her application for a loan directly before the Crash was held in agreement…To purchase more land; and though divorced, that branch of the family by marriage/divorce was the source of information allowing them to hold-on to their money to wait for the imminent depreciation before the actual purchase. It saved them thousands of dollars and allowed the whole Catholic side of the family to greatly prosper which provided for the very large Catholic families of my Grandfather’s family to survive. The old timers always claimed my Great-Grandfather to have been in the “Mob” and now it seems it may have been a fact…Although, who knows. The ‘Mob’ just wasn’t the Italian one. The Protestant side of the family always had their SECRETS. Brown Bros. Harriman most certainly helped MANY towards acquiring wealth and it is very possible my family was one. The family continues to own the land from 200 yrs. ago which was added to. Funny, huh?

    Br. Alexis and A.J., you speak about history and families as mine did and still do…The Family Tree and connection are important and sometimes, surprising. Sometimes, you amaze me and in another way; it feels to be “so at home”.

    By the way…Somebody is hacking into your platform. My cursor is all over the place whenever I click into a video for OMC Radio T.V.

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