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Who is this lady? Well, she use to do fiances and then decided she wanted to blog at her blog.

She was one of the early ones to see what happened with Pope Benedict XVI and now, she has become unhinged.  She’s always been very angry & as this post from 2012, she was a Stalinist.  Who else is a Stalinist? Vladimir Putin; whom she loves and supports.

I would compare Ms. Barnhardt as a Bela Dodd lady; because I do believe from how she is attacking me, Br. Alexis and our good work, she is Putin Agent inside the Church; see our early video on Communist Infiltration Into The Catholic Church

Then, watch our two new programs on Who Owns Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, Asset Of The KGB?

If you can’t see how she is an Agent Of Vladimir Putin, after our two programs; exposing how they use business people to get their controls into the West, this is what they do & she has cost us 1 Humanitarian Volunteer from Brazil with her hatred and Russian Propaganda on her blog.

While she sits in a comfy Italian villa somewhere in Italy, writes and attacks us, hurting our important work; while we go to a War Zone where Air Raid Sirens sound often, she has the gaul and hatred in her heart to attack us, but doesn’t have the courage to do what we do; yet, we at Ordo Militaris Catholicus has been vindicated about Ukraine, by those from Ukraine.

I thank her for doing the important work on Pope Benedict, but I agree with Andrea Cionci in his new letter to her, she is now coming unhinged and needs to sit back and calm down; if she can calm down & stop letting her pride hurt her even more and which is hurting others.

To Close Out: The Parable Of The Good Samaritan Gospel Of St. Luke 10:30-35


Aj Baalman; host of OMC Radio TV, Co-Founder Of Ordo Militaris Catholicus


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