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Folks on Twitter wanted a second show on our What Did Trump Mean By MAGA?




Then someone from Ireland contacted us on it, which got us really investigating because he told us about the play of Macbeth and how the Witches used the word “again”.  Yeah, we will tell you all what we have found out.


Books and Websites Used In This Investigation

King James I: Book On Demonology; same book William Shakespeare used to help write about the witches and everything in Macbeth

First book chapter one, Second book Chapter Two Book On Demonology By King James I Of England

The Play Macbeth: 1778 Edition with Commentary

Website On Etymology

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What Is Donald Trump’s Religion?

More Websites

What Is An Incantation?

The Numerology Of MAGA

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What Does Emmerich Mean?

What Does The Word Make Mean?


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Reader's opinions
  1. Agnes   On   January 28, 2022 at 9:39 am

    I’ve known that “MAGA is the Title or Position of the Highest Ranking Priests in The Church of Satan”. People called me shill and troll. sigh
    FROM: https://www.jerrywdavis.com/maga-the-title-or-position-of-the-highest-ranking-priests-in-the-church-of-satan/
    ♦Maga in Latin: Magic, Magical, Witch

    ♦Maga in Italian: Sorceress or Witch

    ♦Maga in Spanish: Magician or Wizard or Illusionist

    ♦Maga in Polish: Magician

    ♦Maga in Sanskrit: Magician or Priest of the sun

    Now, in English the word ‘Mage’ is an archaic word for magician or sorcerer coming from the Latin word, Magus/Maga, and Greek word Magos.

    ♦ Etymology com….mage (n.)

    “magician, enchanter,” c. 1400, Englished form of Latin magus “magician, learned magician,” from Greek magos, a word used for the Persian learned and priestly class as portrayed in the Bible (said by ancient historians to have been originally the name of a Median tribe), from Old Persian magush “magician” (see magic and compare magi). An “archaic” word by late 19c. (OED), revived by fantasy games.”

    With that said, once the term ‘Magician’ came up, I could only think of one thing, yup, that Economist magazine cover from December of 2016 called ‘The world in 2017’ Planet Trump, with the Tarot cards on it. Now do you think that was a coincidence?!


  2. Julie Mountjoy   On   January 28, 2022 at 8:53 pm

    Thankyou for your 2 videos on Trump, l have believed he was evil once he stated pushing the kill shot, always throwing up Masonic hand signals as well .
    Keep up the great work both of you and God bless 🙏 much prayers from Australia

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