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In Our First Program The Oxford Conspiracy Against America

Where we introduce you to the Grandfather Of This Whole Deep State, Secret Society Thing Going On, But what really got things in motion was the Father Of This, A Lecturer From Oxford, John Ruskin.

He is a fallen away Protestant who came back to become a Christian Socialist. He influenced such writers as G.K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, Tolstoy, T.S. Elliot, Oscar Wilde.  He was the one to propose the idea of “Distributism”

That, as I found out, is what Soviet Russia did in Lwow Poland when they occupied it, learned that through my cousin’s book, the farmers hated it and the farmers starved.

He also influenced the modern Tory Party and Labor Party, so there is no actual difference in between them. Same Philosophy.

The Speech that started the Secret Society by Cecil Rhodes & Alfred Milner is John Ruskin’s
Inaugural Lecture


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