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3 Days Of Darkness, What Is Truth and What Is False About This Prophecy?

Written by on September 5, 2020

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As we mentioned in the show True Monarchism vs False Monarchism, to cover the Prophecy Of The Great Monarch, we would do a show on this strange Catholic Prophecy.

The Prophecy Of Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi on the 3 Days Of Darkness

As we said in the show on the Great Monarch, we rather believe the two who are canonized or proclaimed Blessed on regarding the Prophecy, but let us see who else speaks of it.

As we have warned about the man who is a fraudster who promoted Marie Julie-Jaheeny, we must be weary and question, did she write this or did this fraudster regarding the 3 Days Of Darkness.

Now, when were on Blog Talk Radio, we were given a link to a letter supposedly by Saint Padre Pio, and if you actually matched it up to his actual letters, it doesn’t match his writing style or words, so we must also look out for Fakes or Frauds trying to say Padre Pio promoted something, when he didn’t.  You will see this fraud on this link under Padre Pio.

More Info we will examine.

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Reader's opinions
  1. David Webster   On   February 4, 2021 at 9:59 am

    One must also question if these various events seen in a vision were given in a way that proper sequence was easy to discern. I find it extremely difficult to believe that the destruction of evil men followed by conversion of the nations comes before the AntiChrist as it was recorded by this visionary. Similarly, John’s record of what he saw in the Spirit called The Revelation, is not always in chronological order. I think in addition to the caution you gave about the possibility of mitigation or even postponement of events we should say too much precise sequencing and complete fulfillment could lead to a fatalistic view life, where all is pre-determined. I am convinced that is precisely what happened to the Jewish people and their religious leaders who had been watching the precise fulfillment of the prophecies given to Daniel of the Hellinistic period. Deterministic Phariseeism rose to dominate following the Maccabean period but then in reaction developed the complete apostasy of Sauduseeism.

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