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Month: August 2020

Page: 2

See what we are talking about this coming Monday.

Also On Saturday, We Will Do Two Shows: The Queenship Of The Virgin Mary.

Need Help Locating English Copies Of These Works By Admiral Kolchak and his son.

Thursday, August 27th 2020, We Will Tell You About Saint Brendan and his discovery of the New World.

This Wednesday, at 10:45 AM Central Time, Another Aid Appeal For Lebanon! Be Generous and Tune In!

We defend an Orthodox Christian and Hero Against Communism, who is still hated today, Admiral Alexander Kolchak. Please Watch, Listen and Share The Program.

On Friday, We will look at what is the Spirit Of The Anti-Christ and How To Defend Against It. Tune In.

We take you to Milan where Terror came to the Cathedral, we learn about Hezbollah, how France is losing it’s identity, a black man executes 5 Year old Cannon Hinnant who was riding his bike, and Soros Attacks Poland.

Next Wednesday, August 26th, We will look at the dangers of Ideologue People and how they are also a danger to themselves.

Instead of doing the Show Tomorrow on King Richard I The Lionheart and On Friday my Editorial, We will cover what leads up to the Miracle Of The Vistula River.