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Month: July 2020

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Learn about Terrorism happening in Europe and some way too close news here at home.

The KBI, FBI, ATF and other state and local agencies responded to the scene in rural Logan County. You should avoid the area while the investigation is ongoing and units work to “secure and render the explosives safe:” https://t.co/GQJ9dGamkg https://t.co/M6NSXxJt7Q — KWCH Eyewitness News (@KWCH12) July 14, 2020 More At The KFDI Website On It […]

Learn about the Great Doctor Of The Church and Franciscan Theologian Directly From His Home Town!

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MAJOR UPDATE ON STORY     #BREAKING IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency released this video, stating a smart attack has probably targeted the US navy warship in San Diego pic.twitter.com/HWyJ2KqaZV — Dwain Jude D’silva 🇺🇸 (@JudeDwain) July 14, 2020   @ABaalman3 your answer about the Terror Attack! — Dwain Jude D’silva 🇺🇸 (@JudeDwain) July 14, 2020 […]

Learn about Saint Casimir and why he is a perfect Saint for this new cause to defend our churches.

In the first hour on Wednesday we discuss the problems of modern seminary and then we go into training young men to defend Christians being persecuted.

Next Tuesday, we will look at what is Ordo Militaris Catholicus in the first hour and the second, What is Real Christian Courtship and the problems with the modern marriage preparation courses.

We learn of the growing terrorism threat in Europe and about investing with Ordo Militaris Catholicus.

Learn about the brave and forgotten Catholic Warriors Of France during the French Revolution, and the genocide of them and their martyrdom. It is time to give them a voice once again.