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Month: July 2020

Page: 2

Learn about the Far Left Marxist Group In The UK

Learn about the great Polish King and Hero Of Christendom, King Jon III Sobieski

On Tuesday, we will learn about Real Christian Leadership

We will learn about what is going on Mozambique and Northern Nigeria and how Daesh is not defeated and updates about the Cathedral Fire In Nantes in today’s show.

On Sunday is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel, come learn about his life and his martyrdom.

We covered the Modern History Of Islamic Terrorism and the greatest one of all, The Armenian Genocide and why many nations will not denounce Turkey for what it did.

On Friday, we go through the History Of Islamic Terrorism

We will learn about the downfall of Scotland, the spread of Calvinism, and the truth about Mary Queen Of Scots, Tune In Thursday.

Time for an investigation show, learn what is going on with this Traditionalist Movement inside the Church, why they are so nasty and why they seem so superior over ordinary Catholics.

We learn about President Theodore Roosevelt and hear his speeches once again!