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On Thursday, we will go through the events at Fatima, the messages, the secrets; then we will go through Our Lady Of Akita and learn about those events and messages, then see how they are both united and very important today.

Watch Today’s Show Listen To Today’s Show By viewer request and we touched upon it somewhat in Who Is Father Malachi Martin?  It would be interesting to go through his life and learn more about him, who should of been our Holy Father. Who Is Giuseppe Cardinal Siri? When did he become a priest and […]

Listen Today’s Show Watch Today’s Show On Tuesday, we will cover what actually is authentic Christian Manhood, it has nothing to do with smoking a pipe, smoking a cigar, drinking scotch or bourbon, dressing like you are in the 1950s or looking buff or chiseled. What is true Christian Masculinity?  When did the Age Of […]

We go back to our roots and begin to cover stories no one, except a few cover properly, and that is Terrorism. We will give a weekly update on any and all Terrorism related news; Islamic, Antifa, BLM, and what is going on in India. Tune in to this new weekly program.

In today’s show, we cover the fast breaking news on Holy Father Pope Benedict, any more updates about the Regensburg Trip and his quick trip back to the Vatican. Then we go through and search about the truth of who was the real King Arthur.

First Two Hours, We Cover The Mysterious Father Malachi Martin and why the Traditional Circles Love Him so much, then we go into the life and mysterious death of General George Patton. Tune in Friday 7:40 AM Central to 12 PM Central Live!

My dear viewers and soon to be listeners, I urge you if you can, get to St. Louis Missouri This Saturday June 27th at 12 Noon Central, to save the statute of My 42nd Great Uncle! I am unable to drive due to being homebound, my spirit and prayers go with you all who can. […]

Who is Black Lives Matter, who is their co-founder Patrisse Cullors and what did she put into the Black Lives Matter Protest and why their manifesto rules are already broken by destroying black owned or ran businesses in the riots. Most of all, why aren’t they protesting the number 1 killer of Black Americans, Planned Parenthood?

  In this video we discuss a Dr. Reisinger who knows the woman with Pope Benedict XVI, and it is not a nurse, but a very control minded person who this Dr. Reisinger knew and her name is “Christine Felder and she is a member of the Spiritual Family “The Work” (Das Werk).” Here is […]

Listen To The Show This will be a sequel to our program The Left’s Connection To Terrorism  and The Dangers and Destructiveness Of Revolutions There was a group on Twitter calling itself a Christian Party and wanting to follow the model of the GOP and Democrat Party, and they reached out to me because of […]