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Please Share Our Programs Everywhere You Can! Please Donate To The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser! Show Note From Br. Alexis: “they scrambled my audio when I said some of the most important things during today’s show…. like when I said that Twitter Blue users are giving intel to the WEF about who their followers […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   Watch Our First Program About The Attack In this program, we will now get into the censorship of the photos, the camera video from the car & any other weird things going on about the news or lack of news. Twitter Now Actively Suppressing Forensic […]

  We, at Ordo Militaris Catholicus, need our users at Cross Azure to help keep Cross Azure going, the only REAL & TRUE Social Media, by becoming Investors.  It’s Only 1 Dollar Per Share, So Real People Can Actually Invest In This Great Project! We want you to WANT You, to take part in this! […]

There are many bad actors on Twitter and who have their own server to attack myself and Br. Alexis for upholding the law and all things legal; these same bad actors call themselves NaFO and are now threatening myself & Br. Alexis in many things and criminal fillings have been filed to the police now.  […]

Br. Alexis might of misspoke about the POWs, they aren’t Azeri, but Armenian. Forgive him, we had a lot to remember in our program and returned to our first type of show we ever did, so we are getting back into the grove of reporting on the news.   Watch The Original   Watch On […]

In this program, as the Great Grandson of St. Olga Of Kyiv. I am going to hit the Traditional Catholics hard and without mercy, in the defense of my great grandmother and our wonderful people of Ukraine. Enough is Enough. Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   Some Real News Stories Russian […]

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