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September 1st, will be our next new series to grow interest in a new Catholic Political Party.

We defend an Orthodox Christian and Hero Against Communism, who is still hated today, Admiral Alexander Kolchak. Please Watch, Listen and Share The Program.

August 25th Tuesday We will tell you about my 40th Great Uncle, King Richard I The Lionheart and clear up any myths or lies about him.

On Saturday, I want to cover this and just talk about it. So sick and tired of the same type of candidates and same everything that goes on in the Swamp either locally, State or Federal.

On Saturday, We will look at the Great Polish Dynasty I am born into on my mother’s side. The Piast Dynasty! Tune In.

On August 20th, We Will Celebrate My Great Uncle’s Feast Day!

Learn about the great Polish King and Hero Of Christendom, King Jon III Sobieski

On Tuesday, we will learn about Real Christian Leadership

We will learn about the downfall of Scotland, the spread of Calvinism, and the truth about Mary Queen Of Scots, Tune In Thursday.

Learn about Saint Casimir and why he is a perfect Saint for this new cause to defend our churches.