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Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   On Our Program Of October 10th 2022, Christian Politics, What It Is & What It Is Not, Has Been A Huge Hit On Rumble, but not so on Odysee. While Yes, we do have another OMC Radio TV Program scheduled, it is Political Season and Need To Press […]

Watch Part One Watch Part Two Watch Part One On Rumble Watch Part Two On Rumble Watch Part One On Odysee Watch Part Two On Odysee Watch Our Previous Program: Talking Points For All To See There is this Political Action Committee Called ‘Catholic Vote‘ and from their name you would assume they are truly […]

  It finally hit us, we’ve uncovered anything and everything of the Globalists, except 1 organization, The Jesuits. So, we will give our thoughts on the Jesuits. Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee We will talk on many things regarding Ignatius Of Loyola and other things & if the Jesuits need suppressed again. The Jesuits […]

It is nearing the Holidays, on November 15, Advent begins in Ukraine and so many homes, families, churches have nothing and are in ruin. Where our guys go with the liberating force to bring in the supplies for the towns, horrors not seen since the 2nd World War of gold teeth in boxes, implements of […]

Update 3 Big Tech Platforms Are Trying To Stop It Being Uploaded. We will be doing this program because no one truly has done a proper show on What Is Sedevacantism and the Dangers Of It. Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Show Questions What Is Sedevacantism and Who Created This Dangerous […]

  To assist in future efforts like this, send your support to Cross Azure, by clicking this image below. The 10s of thousands of newly liberated Christians are in desperate need of aid and supplies. Cross Azure currently has less than $200 in the bank and needs $1000 USD per week just to keep up […]

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      Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee    Please Read The Real Truth Of Armenia’s Relations With Russia Learn About Armenia and Their Being Taken Hostage By Russia My Previous Videos For Armenia  Message To Armenians In The West Armenia Is In Need Of All Hands On Deck For It […]

Watch The Original Watch On Odysee Watch On Rumble Today, we tell you about The Saint Patrick Battalion who formed right off the boat from Ireland and was enlisted into the U.S. Army to fight against Mexico, but their Catholic Faith was more important and paid a great price for it. There Is A Movie, […]