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This Program will be on what should be the principles for true traditional opposition to the V2 CIA plot and why people like Mario and Davis are gaming Catholics.  We will talk about white and black fake catholic opposition.

Watch Our Viral Program: The Traditionalist Leadership Hurting Those Who Love The Latin Mass

Then Our Third Response Video: Why Was A Reporter Speaking About My Show?

PLEASE READ: Gladio, Pope Francis & the making of the One Religion of the New World Order

Meet Fr. Gommar DePauw, The Priest Who Started The Real Traditional Catholic Movement

Gommar DePauw on Wikipedia

Fr. Gommar DePauw’s Website: Catholic Traditionalist Inc



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To see what the original authentic traditionalist opposition to Vatican II was:

A talk by Father Gommar de Pauw, Doctor in Canon Law, Seminary Professor, Chicago, 1967. 

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