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In this program, we will speak on MK Ultra and the use of reverse psychology and how it works & how the Lodges via Main Stream Media got people to vote for a man who created the vax program that has maimed and killed people and shut down our country and kept us from going to our religious services; for us Catholics, kept us from receiving the Sacraments.

Now, they are playing you again to vote for him again, by making you forget what he did in 2020 to the entire nation.

Please Watch The Minds Of Men: Not For Children

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Reader's opinions
  1. Sue   On   March 5, 2024 at 6:54 pm

    On occasion I go to the Latin Mass at St. Patrick’s in Waterbury, CT, a beautiful church. A new priest took over in December and I attended mass this last Sunday. The new priest has taken out the main alter to “restore” it to it’s “original” form. Also, the choir director resigned so there was no music or any choir. The last time I attended with the former priest the line for confession was extremely long. This time no one appeared to be going to confession. I’m glad you mentioned your experience with the Latin mass as I can confirm there is definitely something wrong here and most likely I will not go back.

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