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The Racket Of Big Pharma Started By J.D. Rockefeller

Written by on January 3, 2024

A hard hitting flu and my dad’s constant watching of Fox News, where each show is sponsored by Pfizer or Moderna or someother organization of Big Pharma, made him go to the doctor and get tested by a test, even the creator says the tests aren’t made to be used in that way.

Of course, the test came back positive, the same tests, even declared a glass of coke in the Austrian Parliament positive

Now, how can constant messaging do this and make people do weird things?  Let us look at a doctor who risked it all in exposing this racket, Dr. Emmanuel M. Josephson in the book: Your Life Is Their Toy, written in 1940.

Section On False Statistics and Propaganda

Read It Online For Free By Getting A Free Account At The Internet Archive

Now, how does J.D. Rockefeller fall into this?  His father was a Snake Oil Salesman in the Old West Days; we must point that out to understand everything that is going on.

His empire of big oil, gave the United States by his creation, a whole new medical industries.  He got rid of all the doctors who used all natural means to heal and brought over the Prussian method of Medicine.  Intrusive surgeries, pills made from chemicals were in. He took over the American Medical Association, anyone teaching or prescribing all natural health would be fired and lose their license, those who kept their license pushed and sold J.D. Rockefeller’s Big Pharma version.  This is what we have today.

Watch The Two Part Documentary How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Then read from Dr. Farrah, a doctor from the Philippines more about J.D. Rockefeller control of Medicine

I can say, all the doctors today are what J.D. Rockefeller wanted, because he also took over all the medical schools and made sure to kick out those learning all natural methods of healing.  Now the doctors are no longer doctors, nurses are no longer nurses, they are salesmen and saleswomen in white coats


Truth Regarding The PCR Tests

Hospitals Are Killing Fields & Not About Health

If you want to know exactly what is going on, WATCH Dr. Jane Ruby  

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