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Short Trip Into The History of Jewish Influence In The USA

Written by on December 10, 2023

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Information For Today’s Show

In this program, we will be touching whatever rail is more intense than the third rail & it may seem we have gone down that rabbit hole to no end, but, what we’ve uncovered on Sunday, December 10th, we will blow the lid off of something those in control have tried to keep under wraps for over 300 years.  Two frontiersmen they have pushed over actual Christian Founding Fathers, even Disney used and if Disney promoted them, then we should have been looking hard at them.

We will tell you things about Davy Crockett, that they don’t teach us in school and we stumbled across incredible history of Daniel Boone and it is mind-blowing and we go on from there.

Real History Of Daniel Boone

Employment History Of Daniel Boone

Ed Ames, Singer and ‘Daniel Boone’ Sidekick, Dies at 95

Davy Crockett was sold into Indentured servitude to a Jewish Man; Jacob Siler; we will get into the importance of this later on in the show regarding the Jewish Mafia. But to get a taste of what we will uncover:

the testimony of Ms Webb says that to the Jews, to be the servant of the jew is the destiny of all non jews. So Davy Crockett they can push as the perfect slave of a jew. he serves boone who is a jew.”

The Vice President/President Of The Republican Controlled Senate When The Christians came together to have their Constitutional Convention & to make the Constitution more Christian; is Henry Wilson, who also was an Indentured Servant to a Jewish Farmer and Wilson’s real name is Jeremiah Jones Colbath.  “the VPs real surname, Colbath is from Galbraith, which is Northern Irish Gaelilc meaning “foreigner” and so was used by al non Irish, British and even Jews.”

He led the attack against the Christians trying to make the Constitution more Christian.  Colbath’s first job was from a William P Legro, shoemaker. But Legro is from Les Gross, which means the big man, and is a Jewish surname in France.

Joe Biden’s very Jewish family

Thonas Jefferson is descendant of 16th century Samuel Jaefferson…. a name which means son of Affer, A ashkenazim from Poland

Genealogy of Fess Parker who played Daniel Boone for NBC and Davy Crockett for ABC
Mother’s family surnames could also be Ashkenazim names..

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