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Archbishop John Ireland hated ethnic parishes and Americanized the parishes in the United States.  We covered him and Archbishop Gibbons in great detail in our program exposing those behind Vatican II

By what Archbishop John Ireland did to Fr. Alexis Toth, rejected him, his Ruthenian Catholic Parish & told his Americanized Latin Rite Parishes to have nothing to do with Fr. Toth, it drove hundreds of thousands of Eastern Rite Catholics into the Russian Orthodox Church.

Since the time of the Enemy Of Christ John Ireland, there is only 15 Dioceses or Eparchies of the Eastern Rite Catholic Church in the United States and only a handful of Eastern Rite or Ruthenian Catholic Monasteries & a few of these Byzantine Rite parishes have fallen into the John Ireland error of Americanization by not keeping with beautiful style of chant by the Byzantine or Ruthenian Rite.

I want to talk about this on Monday and tell the story of Fr. Alexis Toth & how it wasn’t his choice to leave the Church, but was forced to because of the enemy of Christ, John Ireland.  Justice needs to be done for Fr. Alexis Toth & his flock.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Robbi   On   November 20, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    Even when a child, was curious about the reason for no Orthodox Churches in our area though there are people here from everywhere. VERY INTERESTING PRESENTATION EVEN IF IT’S ABOUT AN EVIL MAN IN THE ROMAN CHURCH.

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