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Until her Public Association Of The Faithful Is Approved By Rome, I will use her secular name.

What Is An Association Of The Christian Faithful?

Who Is Rosalind Moss?

What Type Of Jewish Person was she? Sephardi Jews
Where do the ones who come to Brooklyn come from?Aleppo Syria

Her association was founded in the Diocese Of Tulsa Oklahoma, then became nomads until landing in Tyler Texas.

Ross is known to blast Pope Francis, so was the Investigation into Bishop Strickland because of her Association?

One thing is still a mystery, she worked in Business in Los Angeles while a Jew, then became an Agnostic, was then becoming a Quaker and finally due to Scott Hahn, became a Catholic. So, more to investigate before we do our program.


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Reader's opinions
  1. Elena   On   July 5, 2023 at 10:19 am

    Another important investigation A.J. and Bro. Alexis! I truly believe there’s something to all the so-called Converts, in particular the Jews, that EWTN launched upon the unsuspecting viewers whole Mother Angelica was still in life!!
    God bless you!

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