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“We are an international Christian Association helping Christians defend themselves. We are raising funds to run a Youth Camp for disadvantaged Christian Youth in Europe, to give them the skills to pursue a career in the police and security forces of their own countries.”  Donate By Clicking On Image Link


In the 2017 London Bridge Terrorist Attack, Islamic Terrorists used fake bombs strapped to their chest to drive the people on foot back onto London Bridge and began to stab them.  We will talk about what happened and if there were any English Heroes and 1 Spaniard Hero! This Spaniard is up for Beatification!

An English Football Fan took on three of the knife-wielding terrorists with his barefists

But then there is still a mystery about a man who spoke to one & disappeared. 

One Police Officer was recognized in 2019 for what he did by the Queen. 

Anyone In England, Wales, Scotland Wants To Imitate The Spaniard & Defend The Innocent?

Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus In Europe!

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