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Who Is #NAFO? They Are Accelerationists and O9A

Written by on March 18, 2023

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In our second program on NAFO, we have more information on them and who they actually are.

Accelerationism and Order Of Nine Angels.

We have questions now about the bombing of the Foreign Legion base at the start of the war and watch


We will go into why they choose the Shiba Inu and follow the ancient rituals connected to the dog. 

Part Of The Ritual, “At the age of eight, the boys were sent to ritualists, who bathed them, shaved their heads, and gave them animal skins to wear. Eight years later, the initiates underwent a midwinter ceremony in which they ritually died and journeyed to the underworld. After this, the boys left their homes and families, painted their bodies black, donned a dog-skin cloak, and joined a band of warriors.”


NAFO Account By Ukrainian Government

Proof That It Is Ukrainian Government 

Pro-Ukrainian NAFO troll chief outed as ‘Nazi’

How is it the founder of NAFO has an Arabic or Turkish Name?

Lone wolf =1 destiny number of 1 for Kama Kamila


NAFO Are Terrorists, After They Are Done With Russia, Their Next Target Is The Catholic Church!

On Paul Grey and Craig Lang 


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