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What Is The Updated Version Of Br. Alexis’?

Br. Alexis’ Message To Skype Support: “I was conducting a recorded skype conference yesterday, and half way through skype cut off the connection. When we resumed a different encoding app was run on our transmission scrambling my side of the recording, even though during the transmission video and audio were perfect. Also, another app was run on our recording to echo the voice of the other speaker during the times he spoke, on occasion. This presents a grave violation of the terms of service and our personal security. It is harassment. And since our conversation was being recorded to promote the business activities of our corporation it also constitutes racketeering which is a federal felony in the USA.”

So, what is behind the “skype” I use?

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  1. Robbi   On   December 1, 2022 at 10:13 pm

    You’re both are correct and it’s a certainty this isn’t the first suspicion of the fascist state already being in place for either of you. There is a reason the Psychopathic Predators DO NOT HIDE their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. There is a reason the arrogance inherent to the CHARADE Elections now is EXTREME. You’re so kind to give Skype the ‘benefit of the doubt’. There’s no rational reason for the ‘benefit of the doubt’ given the announcements given by the fascists. Social Disorder planned and implemented by the Psychopaths are what we now witness and experience.

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