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Breaking News: Ukraine and Poland Attacked By Russian Missiles

Written by on November 15, 2022

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Massive Update

Now, why would the Kremlin Praise The US On How It Responded, Unless, It Was Truly Another Side Of Russian Propaganda That It Wasn’t Ukraine’s Missile, but Russia’s Cruise Missile, As People Uncovered Before Everyone Began Singing The Russian Propaganda Song.

More Clues On The Explosion

The Distances Via Maps

Video Of The Greatest President Ever!


To understand what Poland is about to deal with, again

UnTold History About NATO and Their Nazi Back Ground



When The U.S. Intelligence Agency, aka Skull and Bones Lodge Called Duda, Duda Began The Fake News

About The KH-101 Air Launched Cruise Missile

About The Plane That Can Launch The KH-101 Cruise Missile

What Airbase Could That Plane Take Off From?

What Is The Distance Of Saratov Russia to Poland?

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