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Republican Politics Are Killing Christians Around The World

Written by on November 8, 2022

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If we look at Ukraine, the GOP wants to let Ukrainian Christians be raped, tortured, murdered and their possessions to be stolen and their children kidnapped to Russia.  Ordo Militaris Radio TV did a show on how the entire GOP Party is bought and controlled by Putin and his Oligarchs.

Donald Trump Jr. Lying and Spreading Fake News About Ukraine & Covering Up For Russia’s Missile! 

Some Of The War Crimes Of Russia, That The GOP Approves Of

Torture, Executions, Rape Among Russian War Crimes In Ukraine, UN Reports

How Cold Is It Currently Getting Without Heat and Electricity? 

Now, if we look at The Armenian National Committee of America, they have to find support in Democrats, because of the same reason, the GOP will not help protect Christians around the world, so they have to turn to the Democrats for help; and we all know it is theater for the Democrats, because they too don’t really want to support Christians.

What can be done to help protect Christians around the world? There is only one option, Catholic Party For America!
But Catholics; the big mouth talking head Catholics are either diehard GOP pushers or Democrat pushers & don’t truly believe that our Blessed Lord can win and should be in politics! We will get into this as well.

This Began Under George Bush Jr. The Annihilation Of Iraq’s Christian Minority 

Read All Of Raymond Ibrahim’s reports under both GOP and Democrat held White Houses, Of The Persecution Of Christians Around The World

Come Learn About Us & Think Of Joining, Because We Are Their Only Hope For Survival and Protection!

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