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With how Twitter is setup right now and those behind the scene controlling everything, we will point out how Twitter is 1 giant MK Ultra Experiment!

MK Ultra

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  1. Robbi   On   June 7, 2022 at 5:14 pm

    Seems to me, people have begun to awaken to these facts of our world. Many people are opposed to this surveillance, monitoring and control. My son is in AI Development and sales. The Psycho/Sociopathic Predators’ Plans are FAR ADVANCED from what people are aware. He’s had problems with following orders of those senior in position to him in his career when compliance…Yes ‘compliance’, conflicts with his Catholic-based Value System. He’s trying to continue in working professionally while saving and building since he has his farm and the family is well provided for. It’s now soon time to open his own business and he’s happy as he won’t be challenged with finding ways to avoid amoral people’s plans, wishes and demands. He warns to completely AVOID personal Social Media, unnecessary medical practices and advanced electronics as much as possible. Purchase solar panels with battery systems for storage in a shed off of the house since the batteries (Lithium) are a fire hazard regardless of what the industry reports, generators and develop marketable practical skills to barter for necessities like food, medicine and other services not met by one’s own family. Make friends with farmers and purchase/create food preservation systems and a ‘Root Cellar’ while learning to grow vegetables. As Farmers, we already know to find Farmers having older Orchards to purchase fruits having seeds to plant to grow saplings, and starts of Vine Plants like Raspberries to plant for yourself. The Plants will create ‘Runners’ and a patch beginning with five to ten vines will be doubled in three years. Roughly five years is necessary to have a fruit tree or berry patch capable of producing enough for a whole year…Best to get started as quick a possible. Also, as often as possible; go with older plants NOT SO GENETICALLY MODIFIED as produce won’t have the same nutritional value and won’t reproduce as readily as the heirlooms. Monsanto and other Agri-Business has not only been creating chemicals to kill and destroy; their seeds, trees and plants ARE MODIFIED TO MEET DEMANDS OF BILL GATES AND THE WEF CABAL. Agri-Business, Big Pharma, Big Tech, billionaire Corporatists with the prostitute politicians ARE ALL UNITED AND OUT TO DO AS THEY’VE SPOKEN OF AND OUTLINED. Even being ‘off-grid’ is not safe…And, we’re prepared for anything. Also, it’s wise to know the location of a Mill capable of grinding grain for flour and apples for Cider to create Vinegar which can be used both for food and astringent, medically. Also, find a Salt Distributor as it will be a product that will become sought after for many purposes and highly valuable. Those PLANNING TO DOMINATE THE WORLD REALLY ARE PSYCHO/ SOCIOPATHS…Be prepared for ANYTHING.

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