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Another Update On Terrorism

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How To Solve Terrorism Today

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Home Bound Terrorism
Virgin Mary Statue Set On Fire
Black Lives Matter In Public School Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxists
San Gabriel Mission Founded By Blessed Fr. Juniper Sierra Torched
Ocala Florida FSSP Parish Torched: News Items 1 and 2 and 3
Young White Mother Killed By BLM in Indianapolis after alleging to say “All Lives Matter”  

International Terrorism
Fewer Persecuted Christians Being Admitted Into US Under Trump
Incremental Islam
Iran Violating Constitution For Persecuting Christians

Italy: Muslim migrant, naturalized Italian citizen, murders Italian for being “white” and “happy”

Sharia Denmark: Head of Political Party Rasmus Paludan Heads To Prison For “Racism” 

Killing Free Speech In Austria 

Memories Of Mosul Must Spark Action by Susan Korah

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