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This Program will be an observation of what is going on with the Internet.  If you do online podcasting or online radio, stats of listeners and viewers are very important, same for readers if you run an online news journal like Br. Alexis.  When I do book writing for the Ordo Militaris Catholicus & even put the name of the place in the header, I would in the past get folks from those places, not so much now when writing a new book about the Royal Bavarian Army in World War I.

But the big points of discussion we will focus on, if we talk about home; where we were born and lived when we were younger & then immediately after that, see we have traffic from those places and then the manipulated search engines and even on social media.

We will go where no one has gone before on this topic, is AI running more than what the globalists who created it, is telling us.  We will ask, is AI running or manipulating the internet?

Normal Terrorism News

Terrorist Attack Last Sunday At A Catholic Parish In Turkey

‘Europeans Will Succumb to Islam,’ Says Former Intelligence Chief

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