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Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Any debate about whether Pope Francis can or should be deposed from the Papacy is now over, seeing that he has approved the blessing of sodomitic unions (not to mention unions founded upon fornication and adultery) — a thing which invokes the Divine Name to approve a sin which cries out to God for vengeance.  The Sutri Initiative, as I have said since 2018, is the only way to depose him canonically. Voices who do not support this Initiative will now totally discredit themselves, because to admit such an apostasy and advise nothing be done to root it out, is apostasy.

The document itself (see English here), entitled, Fiducia supplicans (‘Humbly-begging trust’) has been written in such a way as to intellectually seduce the Faithful into apostasy, as can be gathered from the internal logic of the document and its constant denial that its own affirmation are heretical, wrong, immoral or beyond the power of the Church to approve.

The twisted, false and fraudulent logic of the document, which while admitting “a real development” in the doctrine of blessing, is attempting to invent a Priestly ministry of affirming sodomy, in which blasphemy against the Living God, approval of a sin which cries out to God for vengeance, and word plays between “blessing” and “prayer”, “ritual” and “liturgical”, “seeking approbation” and “not seeking approbation” is o. k. — in prima facie and in the last analysis don’t save it from total apostasy. These are just totally dishonest rationalizations. For as I say in the video below: for to say God can bless sin, is to say God is not God, because God being Infinite Truth and Goodness cannot approve of anything which is immoral or based upon a lie or evil. And to say that He could, would be to say that God can ‘not be God’ when I the sinner want Him ‘not to be’ God, which is the very epitome of sacrilege of the Divine Name and total apostasy from all Biblical Faith.

Similarly, the document presents the total novelty, that a Priest or the Church can give a blessing outside of a liturgical act in a manner different from a liturgical act: namely, that in liturgy he or She is bound only to bless in the manner God wills, but outside of liturgy he or She can bless in a manner in which the meaning of terms is up for grabs and words can mean anything one wants them to mean. THIS IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON THE PRIESTHOOD and the CHURCH and implies a priest and Holy Mother Church can be something other than an alter Christus or the Faithful Bride of Christ, respectively speaking, namely, that he can be a priest of some other god when he wants to, and She the spouse of some other man. This too is apostasy. To suggest it is the worst kind of moral seduction and blasphemy.

Catholics should urge with all the force of their being that their priests STOP naming Pope Francis in the Canon of the Mass and publicly call for the Sutri Initiative to be supported by all their parishioners. If we do not draw the line on this, we all betray Jesus Christ in such a way that we will never find forgiveness, not in time nor in eternity.”

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Reader's opinions
  1. Robbi   On   December 18, 2023 at 1:08 pm

    How is anybody surprised by this? He’s been on this path since before enterring the Vatican and was placed after manipulation from The City of London through the CIA and The St. Gallen Mafia. He’s almost dead and BENT UPON BREAKING AND DESTROYING CHRISTIANITY for Satan/Luciferian One World Religion which is basic old PAGANISM.

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