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Yesterday, We Invited You To Join Us At Ordo Militaris Catholicus, Now, We Want You & How You Can Help Ordo Militaris Catholicus In Many Ways.


We will go into detail on how you can become an important member in publicity, legal aide, financing, all the important areas that help grow organizations.

Next, We also need helpers who want to be real independent investigators and researchers, who can go to where the documents are that would be awesome to see, get copies and help OMC Radio TV grow in being true Independent Catholic Media and do more deep diving investigations.

Send all your resources & paperwork on wanting to join for these tasks, by going to the Sign UP Page

If You Are Wanting and Have Military Experience & Want To Help Our Guys In The Non-Profit Work In Ukraine or Want to Join Our One Guy On The Front Lines, Go Here & Learn How To Sign Up

Also, Help Us With Our Studio Fundraiser, To Build A Proper Studio For OMC Radio TV

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